‘Readings on Economy Below Sea Level’ is a book edited by Constança Saraiva and myself,  to conclude the two-year long reading sessions held by the Portuguese spoken reading group in Rotterdam.
Published by Publication Studio Rotterdam
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 Unfolding different perspectives on the socio-economic situation in Portugal, this book celebrates the multifaceted act of reading collectively. Readings on Economy Below Sea Level presents a preface by the economist Prof. João César das Neves (the author of the book that was read), a photo essay by Pedro dos Reis, an article by economists Nuno Camacho (PhD) and Diogo Gonçalves (PhD), an excerpt on reading groups by Maiko Tanaka and a poster with annotations from the reading sessions. 
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‘The Third Landscape’ (2016) is a book assembled in loose pages, folded and bound together by a soft-cover. Written in English and Portuguese, it contains a text piece written by myself, based on a photograph made by Angès Varda, in 1957 in Portugal.
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 This image depicts a woman, a wall, a poster, a printed image of Sophia Loren. The images on the book contain graphic representations that refer to different fragments on the original image. Departing from this image the text presents the reader with a story, which in itself may be just another possible story within a scope of a fragmented recent history.
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‘Seventeen Pages in no Particular Order’ (2016) was published on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Do it with us’, curated by Janneke van der Putten and presented at Mirta Demare Art Gallery in Rotterdam.
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This book is the result of an invitation made to the audience during the exhibition opening, to quickly intervene on a sheet of existing paper. All the contributions were assembled together, randomly, following no particular order. The text ‘the day I assembled these pages together’, also published here was written by myself and written while visiting Mirta Demare gallery. Concept, text and graphic design: misprint-it Images: Contributions by different people who attended the exhibition opening on May 29th, 2016 ‘Do It With Us’ is financed by Gemeente Rotterdam and CBK Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam). Edition: 17 copies, each one containing one original contribution  
Price: €35 (limited copies)
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‘Penmanship’ (2015) is the first book of the series ‘Exercises on Fakery and Crime’. A publication series meant to explore the boundaries between fakery and authorship.
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The content of this publication includes the original preface and illustrations of the book ‘True Stories of Crime From the District Attorney’s Office’ by Arthur Train, New York, 1908, which can be found here 
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This ‘five minute action’ publication is the result my participation at Conversas Rotterdam.
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In the end of the talk I invited the audience to make a visual comment on a sheet of paper by using a scissors or a pen. The end result was documented on the publication Conversas Rotterdam, designed by Catarina da Silva.

‘Kleuren van Administratie’(Colours of administration)
This object-book is a collection of my business envelopes received per post within the period of two years, assembled by colour. These envelopes where sent out by regular post by banks, taxes, health insurance, amongst other.
Print-on-demand (option: with your own envelopes)
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