misprint-it is a Rotterdam-based platform meant to promote several gatherings around artists’ books, self-publishing, performance and sound.



misprint-it started in 2012. It consisted of a small scale initiative to hold workshops on artists’ books and sound. My idea was to use these moments, as a way to share and learn about this medium and bring a community of people interest in artists’ books, bookbinding and self-publishing together. The main idea behind the artists’ books workshop was to encourage participants to develop ideas for a self-published book, inspired by different sorts of printed material. The response was often a big surprise, both for the participants and for myself. During this period, and through the several workshops I organised I came to meet truly amazing and inspiring people, going home with a self-made artist’ book and a smile on their face. 

2016 was a year where a change in direction for misprint-it was already in mind. It ended up being a year dedicated in large part, to a few self-publishing projects, individual and in collaboration. It started with my own book ‘The Third Landscape’ and continued with the research for the new series ‘Exercises on Fakery and Crime’. ‘Seventeen Pages in No Particular Order’ was out in May, in the context of my participation at the exhibition ‘Do it with us’, curated by Janneke van der Putten at Mirta Demare Art Gallery.
Together with the visual artist Constança Saraiva, I developed the publication ‘Readings on Economy Above Sea Level’ that wrapped up an almost two-year long reading group , and for the Phd researcher Mafalda Casais, I produced the small booklet ‘Meaningful Things’ to accompany her film on her research project.